The Holocaust vs . the Buggers Dissertation

The Holocaust Vs . The Buggers

" As freedom-loving people around the world hope for a finish to cruelty, we will not forget the enormous suffering from the Holocaust” – Bob Beauprez. In 1939 a mass murder of people occurred called the Holocaust (Collier 197). An additional xenocide like the Holocaust, the Buggers, which in turn transpired in a book called Enders Game by Orson Scott Cards. While the dissimilarities between the Holocaust and the bugger's xenocide will be noticeable the similarities are striking. The Holocaust was a mass murder of approximately 6th million Jews; it also included Gypsies, and political descendants (Collier 197). The Jews were noticeable for total annihilation (Collier 197). The Nazis and Hitler happen to be against the philosophy of the Jews, enough that they can wanted to slaughter them. The Nazis were formed following WWI and became the leading anti-sematic movement in the world (Collier 197). Nazi stands for National Socialist German Staff Party. The Holocaust was the Nazis final resort for the Jews (Collier 197). The Nazis would gather up Jews and uncomfortably cram them into pint-sized train cars, which will then drag the very claustrophobic Jews to either focus or loss of life camps (Collier 198). In these camps Jews would be murdered in coldblooded methods, they could work to death, or be plain and simple exterminated in gas compartments (Collier 197). 1939-1945, in Germany was obviously a very gloomy time. A xenocide comparable to the Holocaust was the Bugger's xenocide. The Buggers really are a fictional strange type your life form that attacked individuals, in the book Ender's Game simply by Orson Jeff Card. From this book, the primary character, Ender is 6 year old child living on earth where the majority of 6 year olds live, but when a male came to Globe and informed him he was to go in to space, go to school which has a bunch of different kids the same as him, he was astonished. He was indeed what the school wished he worked his approach through university and became a commander and soon he became one person that could...

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