STR581 - Chapter 4 Quiz Study Paper


Week 2 Chapter 4 QUESTIONS – STR/581

1 . The construction company owned or operated by Mary and Adam Smith – T & A Contracting- faces a large number of challenges posed by its exterior environment. With the following, which usually factor is most likely to be categorised as that belong in the remote environment of T & A Contracting? A) Rivals

B) Environmental

C) Labor

D) Suppliers

2 . ________ factors matter the nature and direction in the economy where a firm functions. A) Technical

B) Environmental

C) Sociable

D) Economic

3. The social elements that impact a firm entail all of the pursuing except _______. A) the propensity of people to invest

B) lifestyles of people

C) attitudes of men and women in the exterior environment.

D) values and beliefs of persons outside of the firm

5. Political constraints are placed about firms by using a variety of avenues except what type of the subsequent?

A) Antitrust laws

B) Fair control decisions

C) Discretionary responsibility

D) Management jawboning

a few. Which of the following is known as a false affirmation regarding the last set of factors – scientific changes- in a firm's remote control environment?

A) Technological changes rarely impact or encourage innovation within just firms. B) A technical breakthrough can have a sudden and dramatic effect on a business environment. C) To avoid obsolescence, a firm must be aware of technological changes which may influence it is industry.

D) Creative scientific adaptations can suggest possibilities for new products. 6. The quasi-science of anticipating environmental and competitive changes and estimating their importance to an organization's businesses is best recognized as which one of the following? A) Ecology

B) Economies of scale

C) Technological forecasting

D) Environmental scanning

six. The most dominant factor found in the distant environment of companies is most generally that of the reciprocal marriage between those businesses plus the ecology. Particular ecological worries focus on basically which one of the following?


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