Self-Esteem and Power of Verbal and nonverbal Communication Essay

According to Tubbs and Tree (2008: 41) self-concept is the fairly steady impression that one has of oneself. These types of would contain all the judgments regarding who you were, who you are and who you aspire to be. When making use of this to myself I could deduce that self-concept is all the judgments I label of myself and just how these decision are affected by my own past, present and desired future. Self-concept in relation with gender identifies the cultural norms that are associated with one's sex and just how these norms classify you in terms of masculinity and femininity (Tubbs & Moss, 08: 42).

Furthermore Tubbs & Moss (2008: 42) state that a person's attitude towards gender as well affects how one's opinions are shaped regarding other folks and yourself. These can include traits such as gender stereotyping as well as sexist attitudes.

When applying this kind of to personally I would concur that there are various expectations I have of others concerning their male or female as well as could would expect them to think of myself. These targets may not always be stereotypical, as my own cultural childhood has trained me to be open-minded. I really do however feel that the majority of my preconceptions with regards to others usually are accurate but they are rarely depending on stereotypes. One of the major factors in determining their self-concept is definitely self-esteem (Tubbs & Tree, 2008: 43). One's self-concept is usually related to superficial principles and characteristics such as physical attractiveness, intelligence, fame, importance and wealth to name a few and according to Tubbs & Moss (2008: 43) self-pride may also be entirely subjective. Self-pride, in my opinion, is the most important factor in deciding my understanding of self-concept. I really believe that the self-esteem establishes how you purchase and how other folks will deal with you or in other words that in case you regard yourself as weak and substandard others can think precisely the same of you because that is how you relay yourself to other folks. This causes a ripple effect throughout all facets...

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