Say Yes to Your self Essay

 Say Yes to Yourself

After reading this article " Claim Yes to Yourself, ” I believe our thoughts can adjust our lives. If we can change the way in which we think, we are able to change the method we as well as act. There are several suggestions the writer cave in this article which i think I will apply to me like pay attention thoughts, highlight the positive, and reorient personally. In fact anytime, things only continue to happen the way we all don't anticipate them to be. That is the reason why we have fear and thinking negative much like Sue in the article. We sometime frightened to believe that anything great will happen to us. Back in the day when I received the advertising at work; I actually kept thinking this could be extremely hard for me to take care of this position. We even talked to my own manager to refuse this kind of promotion. After that he thought to me there is certainly nothing to forget of, basically afraid to try something new I will under no circumstances know exactly where my limit is and if I think I will do it, then I can do it. Next day, His words keep spinning around in my head; I realize there is nothing I cannot do merely willing stage the first step, it can just the thoughts that control my potential. Far more, emphasize the positive will help us eradicate negative thoughts and provide us a positive life. Sometime in life we must go through some depressing conditions like failing, loneliness, break up, etc . We need to accept those activities even though it is difficult. But that may be how your life supposed to be. Whenever we in a despondent mood, that likes we could in the downsizing ship. If we don't leap out and then let the ship get smaller then all of us will end out existence in a darker and deep depressed marine. Whenever My spouse and i been in these situation, I always try to believe positive because I know after i thinking positive, be positive and positive issues will happen. My spouse and i lost direction sometime in existence, so I need to learn what I wish and willing to accomplish whatever to get back on track. I need to take a step back to look at anybody who I was and the things i did before then I will discover out what...

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