Sanguine Dissertation

Placing: This tale has an fabricated time and place. It is created in a empire whose king is " semi- barbaric”. Characters:


*The California king: a partially –barbaric man with a great implacable

A very ingenious, famous and strong gentleman.

* The princess: A wonderful, strong and clever girl just as her father. Your woman wasconsider as a dangerous woman at those times. 5. The gardener: A young attractive man who had been got fond of the queen. •Secondary Characters:

*The tiger

* The young ladybehind the door.

*People from that empire.


The storyline is told in third person single omniscient standpoint. This means that the narrator is aware of the thoughts and theactions of all the characters. The story is a fairy –tale setting. The narrator comments around the story, evolving on the princess' role difficult the reader to consider smartly and have theresponsibility from the end.


This tale is divided in 3 parts. The first previous describes the king's justice system as well as the way he carried his kingdom. The other part of the storyconcerns to the relationship and how the king discover it, plus it includes the young male's sentencing to trial inside the stadium. Inside the third portion, the narrator focuses on the princess' decision-makingprocess and identifies the moment of crisis in the stadium, when the reader must decide what is behind the fateful left-hand door.

This really is a tale rather than a story. There is not any dialogue; no-one speaks for the reader however the narrator, who have spins the yarn and asks the questions of interpretation at the end. He knows the story, nevertheless one feelings that this individual does not possess omniscience, that he is not really there him self. He knows more than the inhabitants and king, yet this individual does not understand and will certainly not reveal the outcome. That appears unfair—he leaves his readers dangling—but that may be his purpose from the beginning. The storyplot is a travel de power, hinging over a gimmick. What is annoying would be that the narrator generally seems to know the stopping but will not really tell it....

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