Sampa Video, Inc Composition

Sampa Video, Inc.

1 . Precisely what is the appropriate lower price rate plus the value of the project presuming the company is going to pay for it with all equity? " The discount rate of any project needs to be the expected come back on a monetary asset of comparable risk” To calculate Sampa Video's cost of equity capital we all used the CAPM model, in which rf refers to the chance free price, to the industry risk high grade, and β to the firm Beta (Table 1). Because the Beta in the company was not known, we decided to how to use Industry Beta as a proxy. Kramer. com and Cityretrieve. com. are competitors of Sampa Online video in the business of home delivery of movie rentals and that we believe that the operations of Sampa Video are similar to the operations of its rivals. Therefore , all of us estimated the company's Beta making use of the asset Beta for Kramer. com and Cityretrieve. com. Thus,

To determine the value from the project coming from used gradual Cash flow way. (Table 2). We started out by calculating the Pregressive Free Cash Flows (FCF) from 2001 until 06\. Then using the discount charge of 15, 8%, we all calculated this current value of the future Free Funds Flows right up until 2006.

After that, based upon the presumption that after 06\ CF might grow in 5%, all of us estimated the terminal benefit of the business. Finally, based upon these assumptions, the NPV of the job would be: 1228, 485

installment payments on your What is the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of this task? The internal level of go back is the level that would make the net present value from the firm's task equal to zero. In other words, the IRR is a rate that could make the decision of investing or perhaps not in this project indifferent for the company.

To be able to calculate the IRR all of us started by simply computing the Free Cash Flows (FCF) for every solitary year. After we got all the FCF, we calculated the IRR discounting them by rate that might make the Net Present Worth equal to no. Solving this kind of equation all of us obtained the IRR just for this project.

IRR = 21. 63%

3. Presume...

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