Roy Chand Essay

Chapter-1: Introduction

1 . 1 Qualifications of the Analyze

Battery operated autorickshaw (Easybike) is a recently added method of public transport in urban vehicles of Bangladesh. From the incredibly begining of introducing this mode has been used as being a popular community transport mode especially for the urban reduced, lower-middle and in many cases middle school people.

City transportation system involves various kinds of public transport modes specifically bus, minibus, CNG-autorickshaw, rickshaw, autotempu and recently the battery controlled autorickshaw. Of most these travel modes rickshaw is characterized by slowest flow characteristics. Like a service provider mode of open public transport rickshaw is much costly mode of transport specifically for the lower and lower-middle urban passengers due to the undefined and uncontrolled fare system. Also the presence of non-motorized vehicles especially rickshaw inside the traffic stream affects vehicular performance and reduces the actual capacities of highway facilities. These results are severe at signalized intersections within the urban areas where there are frequent intersections[1]. Rahman M. M. (2003) researched that in case the proportion of rickshaw inside the mixed targeted traffic stream is somewhat more than 50 percent at signalized urban area discharge charge of traffic reduces drastically as the proportion of rickshaws boosts.

CNG- autorickshaw are seen as greater flexibility than rickshaw but these methods are very pricey and also substantially responsible for awkward urban environment through air pollution. Minibus and bus are the popular mode of the with least unit service and these types of modes are quite appreciated intended for passenger having in the densely populated cities.

Battery controlled autorickshaw or perhaps easybike can be better sustitute to rickshaw in metropolitan transportation program. Rickshaw, with an average holds two travellers while at the same time a great easybike can serve the transport require of two or three times...

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