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Physical Science Part A

a) Components

A materials is something which an object is constructed of. There are several types of materials every type has its properties.

Components can be all-natural or man-made. Natural components can come via animals, plants or the earth. Man-made elements are unnaturally made applying chemicals.

You will find different types of materials.










Wood comes from trees. Wood can last for a long time when it is properly expert and cared for with color and preservatives.

Wood is:

- Water resistant

- Hard

- Floats

- Maussade

- Poor conductor of warmth and electric power

Some wood are harder than others. They could be used to generate furniture and in the construction of buildings and houses. All of us also use them as manages for cooking food pans due to their poor conductivity of heat.


Rubber is manufactured out of latex collected from plastic trees. All-natural rubber can be soft and cannot tolerate heat. Vulcanisation is completed to transform this into a good, elastic, tough material.

Rubberized is:

-- Soft

- Waterproof

- Flexible

-- Elastic

- Poor director of heat and electricity

- Sinks


Cloth is manufactured out of fibres which can be natural or perhaps man-made.

You will discover different kinds of material. They contain:

Cotton, Linen, Wool and Silk.

Fabric is:

-- Light and soft

-- Flexible

-- Can be dyed in different colors

- Poor conductor of warmth and electric power


Natural cotton comes from the cotton plant. The seed products of this plant are covered by a ball of cotton fluff. This is certainly used to help to make threads that happen to be woven in cotton material.

It is affordable and cool and comfortable to decorate. It creases easily until treated with chemicals.

Bed linen:

Linen originates from the come of the flax plant and it has a coarser texture than cotton. Fine linen may be used to make fragile tablecloths whilst...

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