Professional Medical Practice Dissertation

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Course Information

This course targets the specialist role and discipline of nursing. Pupils will examine the image of nursing and develop methods for improvement. Specifications of specialist practice will probably be discussed pertaining to the job, role, and value habit.


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NUR/391 Guidelines

Students are required to achieve a lowest grade of " C” (2. 0) in this study course. Students whom fail to make a minimum class of " C” from this course will be scholastically disqualified from the university.

Course Elements

Blais, T. K. & Hayes, J. S. (2011). Professional nursing practice: Concepts and points of views (6th ed. ). Upper Saddle Riv, NJ: Pearson/Prentice-Hall.

Chitty, K. K. & Black, N. P. (2011). Professional breastfeeding: Concepts and challenges (6th ed. ). St . Louis, MO: Elsevier Saunders.

Every electronic components are available within the student website.

Week One particular: The Nursing Profession


Objectives1. 1Explain how famous events and persons possess contributed to the advancement with the nursing occupation. 1 . 2Differentiate characteristics between a profession and an occupation. 1 . 3Complete the HIPAA training.

ReadingsRead the Week One particular Read Me personally First.

Browse Ch. three or more of Professional Nursing Practice.

Read Ch. 2, a few, 7, & 12 of Professional Nursing jobs.

Check out this week's Electronic digital Reserve Psychic readings.

ParticipationParticipate in the lecture discussion is merely counted in the primary forum. The UOP category week starts on Tuesdays and ends on Monday. 2 . your five Individual Dialogue QuestionIdentify and describe a single major traditional event and person that you experience had a crucial effect on the development of nursing.

11/29/122. 5

Rated Activities and PreparationBegin the Historical Statistics of Medical Presentation thanks in Week Two.

•View the Famous Figures of Nursing Schedule multimedia presentation. •Submit your selection of two historical statistics to the trainer for authorization this week. Learning Team InstructionsReview the targets from Week One and discuss extra insights and questions that may have arisen. Read the following items, sold at

•Learning Team Tool set

•Toolkit Necessities

•Why Learning Teams?

•Team Basics

•Getting Started

•Getting to Outcomes

•Project Organizing

•Decisions/Conflict Quality

•Team Learning

Create - the Learning Crew Charter and post to your assigned learning team by team head on 12/3/12. Begin focusing on the Famous Timeline of Nursing Business presentation due in Week Two. Individual

Personal Philosophy of Nursing

Useful resource: University of Phoenix Materials: Personal Beliefs of Breastfeeding Worksheet Complete the Personal Beliefs of Nursing jobs Worksheet.

Send your worksheet to the trainer. (You will need to provide a in depth description of your Personal Viewpoint of Nursing jobs Worksheet. Basic one expression phrases or single content without particulars will not be acknowledged. )12/3/125 Specific

HIPAA Training

Complete the HIPAA (1996) tutorial...

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