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Lab one particular Worksheet

Planning a Virtual

Workstation Image

This lab provides the following exercises:

Exercise 1 . 4 Creating an INTERNATIONALE ORGANISATION FUR STANDARDISIERUNG Image via Windows 7 Installation Mass media Exercise 1 ) 1 Creating a Windows six Virtual Equipment

Exercise 1 ) 2 Working together with Disks

Exercise 1 . three or more Exploring Home windows 7

Approximated lab period: 120 mins

Exercise 1 ) 4

Creating an. internationale organisation fur standardisierung Image By Windows several Installation Media


Carrying about installation press for vehicle repairs and installations can become cumbersome. Making an. iso picture of a file enables network support to carry around installation mass media without the need intended for numerous physical disks. From this lab we will use the Windows 7 installation DVD AND BLU-RAY to make a great. iso graphic. Completion time

30 minutes

four. Under Vacation spot Selection > Select Search and choose your detachable drive. Replace the filename to Windows7Image and change the document type to. ISO Provide a snapshot of the save dialog of Roxio at this point.

Paste Step 4 Picture Here

Question 4

The other file type options can be obtained?


Work out 1 . 1

Creating A Windows 7 Online Appliance


You are creating a brand new computer online appliance with Windows several Professional applying VMware Player. Your first task is usually to create a new Virtual Equipment and install Windows 7 Professional 32bit with appropriate settings for the test laboratory network. Finalization time

thirty minutes

Step 3. Select the installer hard disk drive image and click up coming. You will have to find their way to your Passport drive and locate the Win7. INTERNATIONALE ORGANISATION FUR STANDARDISIERUNG image you created in Exercise 1 ) 4. Provide a snapshot on this screen.

1 . Step 6 Opt for the Windows several Professional type. Failure to do so will result in being forced to reinstall house windows. Provide a snapshot of this display

Step 8 Name your VM Appliance Workstation## exactly where ## is definitely the number assigned by your teacher. Store the modern Appliance within a newly created Windows several folder in the ITT Electronic Machines file on your easily-removed USB hard drive. Provide a snapshot of this display

Exercise 1 ) 2

Dealing with Disks


In this exercise, you will build a second Digital Hard drive. You will require the new pc to have two installed hard drive drives. You may then initialize the 2nd disk and create data partitions using the pc. Completion time

30 minutes

Step 7. You will at this point see your fresh Virtual Hard disk drive in the Configurations. Provide a snapshot of this screen.

Exercise 1 ) 3

Checking out Windows six


In order to familiarize yourself with the newest Operating System being rolled out inside your organization, you decide to manipulate several common features to see how they differ from prior Windows variations. In this physical exercise you will use screen savings and other display properties. Conclusion time

half an hour

Step 5. Enter into Workstation## inside the Computer Term Text Box. Provide a overview of this display

Question you

What is the current display screen resolution?


Question two

What security positive aspects does presenting the login screen in resume present? Answer:

Question three or more

How performed changing the theme have an effect on your display?


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