MoyaC Essay

Intended for the barbequed pork chicken and gratinated with Monterey Jack mozzarella cheese, a barbeque grill is need in the food preparation process, the speed usually lower than 15 minutes plus the energy performance is low1. It is well suited for the pork sausage and cheese because those substances are slim and toned pieces of soft poultry. To get the steamed hamburger bun and hot dog, a steamer is need during the process. The velocity of the steamer is fast and the energy efficiency can be low2. Those hot dog and hamburger bun are suitable for steamer since they are little pieces of soft food. However , there are some issues of with them inside the MTR station. The grill can be not basic safety to use in the MTR stop and it is unable for huge volume cooking3. In the station, there is interior area a large number of people will walk around the station it is very dangerous to use the barbeque grill inside. Also, the grill only can easily cook for the small amount of food, if there are numerous people buy the foodstuff, the customers will need wait time and effort for the food. For the steamer, also, it is not security to use in the indoor location. It is because the steaming will certainly produce a lot of steams while the cooking process some people may possibly feel not well and trap the fresh air in the MTR train station. It is very harmful to use inside MTR train station too. 1 . Lecture 2 Culinary Research Dry high temperature cooking methods PowerPoint slides. (2013) 2 . Lecture four Culinary Studies Water structured cooking methods PowerPoint photo slides. (2013) a few. The Drawbacks of Electric Propane gas grills HYPERLINK http// http// Sumado a, NWbJpzJm. g v1-JOPg7)MrWc(xOmdOo0m HC(Gl-jzvY, dLGX_sB6IiAb9L638hT-LZp4ENxZxY(wHHli--6tkuN/fksC 6Q

Study of Adulterants in Food Stuff Essay