Level five 515 Dissertation

Product 515 Lead and control group living for adults

1 . Review current theoretical approaches to group living provision for all adults Over the year's different assumptive approaches to group living procedures for adults possess changed the way in which we offer our care companies and living provisions. Person centred preparing has had key impacts and affected group living in many ways, Eric Erikson developed a theory that divides could be life in eight periods that prolong from birth to loss of life (unlike various developmental hypotheses that only cover childhood). Erikson (1902-94) Because of this when researching and updating the need of something user you would probably not only look at their physical needs you would also assessment social and cognitive expansion. Erikson created the eight phases of innovations from labor and birth to loss of life using this he considered basic conflicts of your service consumer of each level. This stand of advancement can be used to identify a service user's potential conflicts which are strongly related the particular level of expansion that they are by. For example once i support the service users I work with I require a holistic way, I take into account developmental needs along with physical requires. I think the positives on this approach happen to be that you meet up with service users specific requirements whilst taking into account age related clashes and we can also be eliminating the unneeded collection of services users i. e. Group Living.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs is another important theory when considering group living conditions for adults because this sets out the stages that are instructed to carry out personalisation through person centred planning whether it be through goals, risk assessments, support planning or key doing work sessions. His theory advises to all of us that " individuals requires must first be achieved at a fundamental level, and after that must be happy at each level before shifting onto the next” Maslow (1908-70) Maslow also draws our focus on the fact that through times during the difficulty or problem it is possible for a service user to regress into a lower level from the hierarchy. This kind of theory can be has been relevant in my very own experiences, when implementing person centred planning I found that some of the service users demands were more than the needs as a group overall and by working together with them on the individual basis soon located that some of the needs were greater than backed living requirements, meaning we were holding moved on to Residential proper care where they could get the right amount of care necessary.

Residential treatment is the provision of generally long term care given in a household setting rather than a service users own home contrary to this backed living as defined in Valuing people, 21st century report " is concerned with designing services throughout the particular requires and desires of individuals and is less likely to result In housing and support that is designed around congregate living” therefore backed living better enables us to better person centred planning and adhere to relevant theories including those of Maslow and Erikson.

2 . Evaluate the impact of legal and regulatory requirements on the physical group living environment Changes in legal and regulatory requirements are likely to have great influences on physical group living environments. Considering that the Second World War, the city Care work 1990 has brought in some in the biggest becomes the welfare state; the alterations were at first described within a 1989 file called taking care of people. The 1990 Take action which followed, translated these types of ideas into legislation. The alterations to the Work put the focus on local authorities to have the overall responsibility for their group care, to evaluate individuals and produce proper care plans setting out their particular needs. They must also arrange for provisions of care, examine of attention providers whether it be statutory, voluntary or non-public and have a complaints method in place. Before the Community Treatment Act 1990 came into place they were...

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