Karaoke: Educating the World to Sing Composition


KARAOKE: Instructing The World To Sing

1) Using the ideas given by individuals and the socalled ‘Hierarchy of Needs' by A. Maslow can you really distinguish diverse caterogy of requirements that makes householder's wellbeing. In addition to the basic types, that personally can be identified as real want, like the physiologic and basic safety there are bigger needs that we can determine as social wants. These kinds of wants may be satisfied with the interaction to people and with cultural activities. Karaoke is a task that can fulfill three different kinds of needs: a friendly relationship or belongingness, esteem and self-actualization. Most of these can be identified as more emotionally-based and interpersonal activities, starting from these point so it is conceivable to identify other pursuits that can fulfill these needs. The best is playing sports activities, group videogames, acting on a stage or perhaps every activity that involves sticking with other people, creating a challenge upon who is a lot better than the different and overcome fear to perform something or also, if we consider those who do ‘hitokara', activities through which is it possible to unburden and unwind alone, in this manner only the other two requirements are happy. Although is it possible to identify a great many other activities that may satisfy these wants, in my opinion it is not feasible to find a alternative because karaoke singing is really specific activity, done during certain occasions and circumstances and this is why it has propagate so much all over the world. ITALY Trend In the last years Italian GDP shrink and nowadays our company is under economical speculation with the risk of default, these perspective does not business lead people upon using their money in recreational activities Work For Operators of karaoke places are mainly China and they include a really affordable strategy and these is attractive new customers Karaoke industry remains to be empty of rivals so the possible market may be easily permeated Work Against Karaoke container buildings has to be...

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