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AB Bank Limited

Submitted to

Prof. Abdul Mannan

Internship manager

Assistant professor

Department of Accounting

International Islamic School Chittagong

Dhaka Campus

Published By

Anas Ibn Abdul Latif

ID- B061517, Batch- 22nd

BBA Program

Department Of Business Administration

Particular date of Submitter

International Islamic University Chittagong

Dhaka Grounds


Day: 27th March, 2010.

Prof. Abdul Mannan

Internship Boss

Department of Accounting

Foreign Islamic University Chittagong,

Dhaka Campus

Subject matter: Submission of Internship Report on E-exporting of STOMACH Bank.

Special Sir,

I actually am happy to submit you my internship report about " E-exporting of ABS Bank Ltd. (Principal Branch)” It has been a great pleasure for me to have the opportunity to apply my academic knowledge in practical discipline. The theoretical knowledge features no worth if it is certainly not applied actually. The report is ready on the basis of the theoretical and practical listening to advice from the 3-month internship program in AB Bank Ltd (Principal Branch) We tried my own level far better put mindful effort to get the prep of this record. As a great intern it is usual that inadequacy or error may arise and it may shortage professionalism occasionally. For any unintended inadequacy inside the report, the sympathetic consideration would be highly appreciated. In addition , I will enthusiastically welcome any clarification and suggestion about any look at and pregnancy disseminated inside the report. I seriously appreciate your patience and support. My spouse and i sincerely anticipate that you would be kind enough to accept my personal report intended for evaluation and oblige therefore.


Ans Ibn Abdul Latif

IDENTIFICATION No-B061517, Batch- 22nd

BBA Program

Initially I communicate a lot of thanks to the almighty Kristus Who make me able to put together this statement. I want to exhibit my exceptional thanks to my own honorable teacher & supervisor Prof. Abdul Mannan faculty member, Office of Accounting, International Islamic University Chittagong, Dhaka Grounds for his supervision throughout the internship period.

I as well pay my personal heartiest thanks to Mr. Chawdhury Manzoor Liaquat, Senior Vice President & Director, AB Lender Limited Main Branch, to provide me a chance to work in his branch`

I actually also express my due to MD. Suruj Ali Vuttu Operation supervisor of STOMACH bank and to all the employee and business office stuffs of AB Lender Principal Branch for their constant support that help for preparing this statement.

I have assigned to prepare this kind of report which usually helps to boost my know-how regarding the useful banking circumstance of our country and a unique institution. As being a financial institution I choose AB traditional bank. I likewise visited the web page of ABBL and Search engine around the internet in order to prepare a wealthy informative survey. I attempted to combine my best hard work to prepare this report.

Finally, I want to spend gratitude to my boss for supplying the greatest opportunity to work on this kind of assignment which will be very helpful within my future company life.

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