Important Article Topics

These are essential topics may except. I conclude after analyze last two year documents. (I'm not saying that an individual want move other matters I just expressing this is important one particular if u feel it seems ok after that first put together this issues then proceed other topics " in the event that u can”) Highlighted is most important

Current Theme

1 . Adulteration (try to link with bihar the middle of day meals horror) 6. Child Time – A Bane

9. Rise and Fall of Currency (current debate. tnx to congress) 10. Drought: A Natural Calamity (Uttarkhand flood)

11. Election Reforms Compared to Indian Democracy (recent SC's Judgments sama dengan barring crooks from election and free gifts against democracy? ) doze. Elimination of Female Graine (Murder of Unborn Girls)

13. Environmental Pollution

13. Euthanasia – Mercy Getting rid of

16. Forests – A great gift of Character to the Human beings

17. Hardships of Functioning Women

twenty. Human Privileges Violations (Some accusation more than IB with this issue) 23. Nationalism

twenty four. Menace of Drug Addition

25. Panchayati Raj and Rural Advancement

27. Governmental policies without Integrity

28. Right Infrastructure for Growth

thirty-two. Role of Newspaper (paid news, media and political nexus is usually against democracy) 34. Part of Women in Nation Building

35. Research and Technology – True blessing or Bane?

37. Should the Rapist be sentenced to Death? (Delhi gang rape) 38. If the Examination Program be Overhauled?

39. If the Prostitution become legalized?

forty five. Students and Politics

46. Communal A harmonious relationship VS Inner Security

forty seven. Necessity of a powerful Cyber Rules in India

50. Proper Globalization AS OPPOSED TO Pollution Hazards

51. The positive effect will Scar the Prospectus of Small Scale Industries in India 52. Indian Education System if Fulfils the aim of Education

fifty eight. The Cabale Government

67. Transparency in public places Administration (most important)

sixty-eight. Violence and Vulgarity in Films

seventy. Women's Reservation - A Forlorn Desire

71. Nationwide Investigation Agency

National Issues

73. American indian Agriculture – Achievements and the Way Ahead

seventy four. Can...

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