It’s time to learn how to write essays

Working on an essay often seems to be rather a dreaded assignment among learners. Whether the paper is for a scholarship or contest, many learners often find it overwhelming. While an essay appears to be a large project, there are a lot of steps a learner can take that will help him or her to break down the assignment into manageable parts. Here below we’ll pay much attention to every part of this task. By the way, if you don’t want to learn how to write essays, simply delegate your job to our professional essay authors.

Choose a topic

You might have been your theme assigned or you might be given enough freedom to write on the subject of your choice. Well, if you are assigned the topic, you require thinking about the type of paper you actually want to produce. It’s up to you to find out whether it should be a general overview of the subject or a very specific analysis. You need to narrow your focus if required.

If you haven’t been assigned a theme, get ready for a little more work to do. This opportunity also gives you an advantage to pick up a subject, which is relevant or interesting to you.

First, you should define your purpose, such as whether it’s persuasive or informative. Having determined the purpose, you will require doing some research on themes, which you find intriguing enough.

Have your options evaluated. If your objective is to educate, pick up a subject, which you have already studied. Then, if your mission is to convince, stick to a subject, you’re passionate about. Whatever the goal of your paper, ensure you’re really interested in your theme.

Brainstorm, responding the question:

  • Write down any relevant points.
  • Note any relevant evidence or quotes, coming to mind.
  • Utilize a mind map just to stimulate lateral thinking.

Prepare an outline of your ideas

To write a good essay, you require organizing your thoughts properly. By simply taking what’s already in your head and putting this stuff to paper, you’re capable of spotting connections as well as links between ideas. This structure will serve as a solid foundation for your essay.

To create an outline, write your theme at the top of the page and from there, start listing your key ideas, leaving space under each one. In this space, ensure to list other smaller ideas, relating to each key idea.

Write your thesis statement

This section discloses the very point of your essay, telling briefly the main ideas of your paper.

The body of your essay explains or describes your theme. Each body paragraph will feature the same basic structure. Start by writing one of your key ideas as the introductory sentence. Then, illustrate each of your supporting ideas, using a sentence format, leaving 3 or 4 lines in between each point to get back and give detailed examples to support your position.

Create the introduction

Having developed your thesis and the body of your paper, you require writing an introduction. The introduction needs to attract the audience’s attention and present the focus of your paper.

Start with an attention grabber such as a catchy dialogue, story, quote, etc. Whichever angle you pick up, ensure that it ties in with the thesis statement, which will be included as the last sentence of the introduction.

A brief plan to do:

  • Start the discussion.
  • Introduce your thesis.
  • Show how the questions are going to be answered.
  • Name any texts to be disputed.
  • Engage your audience.
  • Write the main body of the essay.

Write the conclusion

The given section ensures closure of the theme and also sums up your exclusive ideas, while giving a final perspective on the theme. Your conclusion needs to be made up of three to five strong sentences. Just review your key points and make reinforcement of your thesis.

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