Check This Information to Understand How This Service Works

Procedure of purchasing a paper is simple and takes only 5 steps from the moment of submission your order and receiving a paper.

Step#1. Fill out the form and submit it along with other requirements. When doing that, make sure the contact information you have provided is correct. We constantly keep in touch with our clients. Our main communication channel with you will be your email.

Step#2. Carry on with the payment. The day you want to get your paper is specified in the form and it will be followed from the moment you submitted a form. The research starts only after you transfer the payment. We offer 100% guarantee for money back, which means we’ll return your money if you don’t get the service you have paid for.

Step#3. Get a confirmation. The confirmation message with all the required data about your order will be submitted to your email address.

Step#4. Communicate with your researcher or support team straight from your account. Each time you receive a new message on the site there will be a notification email notifying you about that so you could be always up to date with your process. A specially created messaging system on the site allows sending direct questions to the researcher. The writer must reply to your inquiries within 24 hours.

Step#5. Download your paper from your account or email. When your task is done you will get an email notifying you about that. Follow the link in the email and download your paper.

Step#6. Let us know how you liked applying our site by submitting your feedback. After you check your paper please tell us how you liked working with us. In the email you will find a link to the survey along with your paper. Please don’t skip this step, because it is really important for us to know whether or not you were satisfied.