Essay about Stopping the Runaway Coach of College Book Prices

Preventing the Errant Train of College Textbook Rates

Chris Rozendaal

University of Macau

Preventing the Errant Train of College Textbook Prices

International students studying in U. T. universities often face many challenges. Though their encounters vary immensely, one thing the particular students nearly universally locate shocking may be the price of textbooks inside the U. S i9000.

Their surprise is completely justified. The College Board (n. d. ) estimates that students in American schools spend an average of around 1000 dollar on books and materials each year, and some universities request students to budget much more than that. For some subjects, textbooks could cost upwards of $150 each (Lomakina, 2010), and textbook rates have improved rapidly (Koch, 2006; Maplethorpe, 2007).

These types of high prices place considerable financial burden on equally students and universities. One study found the fact that cost of ebooks and materials was 26% of the cost of tuition at public 4 year universities in the U. S., and mentioned that pupils must make this investment at the outset of the semester, often prior to financial aid is definitely disbursed (Maplethorpe, 2007). Most of this cost ends up getting passed on to the universities and also to the U. S. Government through school funding (Koch, 2006).

Why are university textbooks therefore expensive? The Advisory Committee on College student Financial Assistance, an exhortatory group to congress as well as the Department of Education, features cited several reasons (Koch, 2006). These types of reasons range from the inelastic demand for textbooks; oligopolistic markets in both posting and wholesaling of books; the fact the people getting a products (professors) are not actually paying for these people; and the reality new versions can effectively remove market competition coming from used textbooks. The committee further more notes that price boosts have been somewhat driven by simply " bundling” (including bonuses, such as workbooks, DVDs and websites, even to college students who will hardly ever use them) (Koch,...

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