Guess Company Positioning Article


Guess is actually a universally well-known brand using a fashionable and unique style towards their diverse product range. They accommodate their products for all ages, from babies towards the sophisticated marketplace, including the men and female targeted group.

In line with the Guess web page (no date), the Marcianos found in 81, a small jeans company in California. Suppose continues to be well guided by the Marcianos brothers, Paul and Maurice. They found an opportunity to incorporate the Western and American culture to develop the brand Imagine. Guess has expanded over time to such an extent that it is one of the most significant and most powerful fashion brands in the world.

The assignment is going to focus on Guess's brand personality and placement in the market. The author used the net to research the Guess firm. The objective of the assignment should be to illustrate the success of Guess through the identity and positioning in the company.


According to Lake (no date) manufacturer identity is identified as " how you will want the customer to see your item or your brand. Firms try to connect the gap between the brand image plus the brand personality. ”

Kapferer (no date) identifies that the following inquiries should 1st be answered before the brand identity of Guess is going to clearly always be defined:

2 . 1What may be the brands' particular vision and aim?

The Guess internet site (no date) identifies that their quest statement is really as follow:

•Guess is committed to be the worldwide leader inside the fashion market. •Guess provides excellent quality products which is consistent with the portrait manufacturer and their graphic. •They strive to listen to their customers, partners and associates to fulfill customer satisfaction in the end. •Guess frequently gives to the community, support humanity and ultimately shield the environment. •They believe in team-work, trust, value and a setting of available communication.

2 . 2What helps it be different?

The Guess website (no date) states that they can provide a solid brand, merchandising worldwide, a consistent brand image, they have a very clear direction for products, an absolute global approach and multiple retail concepts, including SUPPOSE stores, Suppose by Extraterrestre stores, components – simply stores plus the G simply by GUESS stores.

2 . 3What need is the brand gratifying?

Guess aims to deliver for their customers' exceptional and fashionable items with an innovative style. Therefore, in the process placing their products in the mind with the customers' being a " must-have” brand. The needs that the brand can fulfill will be social needs and esteem needs. Due to the fact that sense of belonging amidst society, along with status and reputation, will impact customers to acquire Guess goods.

installment payments on your 4What is usually its value?

Guess delivers high quality products with specific styles. They strive to end up being innovators of fashion for the ‘young, bold and sexy'.

2 . 5What is usually its field of proficiency?

According to the Imagine website (no date) they are one of the most well-known apparel businesses across the globe, with over 1, 113 GUESS and GUESS Accessory stores worldwide. Even though, there are a number of other companies that are producing approximately the same products, Guess is among the recognizable style leaders inside the ‘young modern women's, gents kids' and baby' marketplaces across the globe (Guess website; no date).

2 . 6What are the symptoms that make the rand name recognizable by competitors?

Speculate is familiar amongst a diversity of different brands using its highly innovative and fashionable design. The attributes of the products are also visible immediately, following comparing to brands.


The company Dictionary internet site (no date) defines brand positioning while " the introduction of a brand's position on the market by heightening customer belief of the brand's superiority more than other brands of a similar...

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