Fashion Channel Harvard Case Study Essay

Questions for Week 7


* Vogue Channel

Look at the Fashion Funnel case and answer the questions beneath. В Please note the following further guidance:

The discussion of alternatives indicates that for the first circumstance, an investment in programming would be required but the case does not indicate how much that might cost. В В You canВ either assume that this spending was flat orВ you can believe an increase. В In either case, specifyВ your assumption and baseВ your studies on that assumption.


1 . What is your meaning of the customer and marketplace data offered in the case? What key results do you combine these info? Explain. TFC meets the needs of ladies 35-54, who have a passion for fashion. As a result of TLC success, existing networks happen to be launching fashion-specific programming since it is an opportunity to power its existing ratings/viewership from it key women market (Lifetime) or perhaps gain viewership by expanding its providing to include life-style content (CNN). The total inhabitants does not have the same attitudes, landscapes and viewpoints regarding style. TFC cannot meet the needs of all the different ‘fashion' segments/clusters. In a fragmented market, we have a need for coding content with a unique viewer at heart. There is an opportunity for TFC to be a market leader to a particular segment/clusters. Bottom-line, it is not about generalization but expert – target at staying meeting the needs of just one segment to gain loyalty.

2 . What are the many segmentation available options to the Fashion Channel? Exactly what are the pros and cons of each and every? Explain. Trendy fashion enthusiasts

Pro: The prospective audience is highly engaged in trend, so they might gravitate to TFC for what it's around the clock coverage of style. They will be loyal viewers. Very likely to watch fashion TV. Negatives: The target market is a little percentage. Not any room for growth. Planner& Shoppers

Expert: Older target audience so , they have to be current viewers...

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