a day without technology Essay

On Feb. 14, 2012 I just heard the humming in the air conditioning whilst waking up. I rolled over to look at the time on the time clock, but an empty screen looked back in me. We sat up immediately, anxiety biting inside my nerves. What time was it? Had We overslept?

" Relax, it's only 8: 30, ” said Derek Huncheck, my own roommate, who sat by his office working on home work.

Only a moment into my 24 hours of no technology and previously I sensed stressed. I actually realized that I would need to rely on others pertaining to the time as I would not be able to check my own phone.

While many people handled the problem of getting their partner happy in Valentine's Day, I was challenging me with among the cruelest punishments known to the latest day adolescent.

Is it possible, like a college student, to visit 24 hours devoid of advanced conversation technology, just like: laptops, personal computers, Smartphones, telephones, e-mail, texting, video game devices, televisions, etc .?

California School of Pa prides by itself on like a technologically integrated university. The university possibly has its own applications for Cell phones and iPods that provide pupils with various features. Some of those features deal with crisis situations, maps, radio stations, tour bus schedules, media, and grounds events.

A significant portion of my education revolves around a special part of my university's web site generally known as " Desire2Learn. ” Right now there, I am able to start a multitude of points; such as take quizzes, take tests, post in a message board, contact guy students, and receive research assignments. Without access to the website, I interceded to The almighty that absolutely nothing important would have to be completed.

Just for this challenge, We allowed me personally two exceptions. The 1st exception revolved around my own classes. If a professor used technology, then this situation was acceptable. The 2nd exception designed the use of my personal student IDENTITY was allowed. However , I possibly could only use the student IDENTIFICATION to eat since it was the just way to gain access to...

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