Donedra Invictus Essay

Donedra Williams

April 40, 2014

G. 1

Last Draft

Fictional Analysis of " Invictus”

By (William Ernest Henley)

I believe the fact that theme of the poem " Invictus” is taking responsibility for your own success. No matter the problems and hurdles we deal with in life we should overcome all of them and become the master of the fate. Do not let anything provide you with down even though it looks awful. Keep driving until the last breathing, don't at any time give up. Inside the first stanza, the audio prays at nighttime to " whatever gods”, for the strength he has to keep pushing forward rather than letting any illness wipe out him. This stanza includes a metaphor because it expresses his hardships plus the night that we think symbolizes the night of give up hope. Second, he does not pray for strength, but this individual gives thanks for the strength he already features. In the second stanza, this individual describes the problem he is in. He will not talk about God's will or fate although he talks about his problems. He communicates imagery if he says " under the bludgeoning of chance, my head is bloody and unbowed”. He's giving information of how he could be and how he is feeling, but through it all he claims that this individual has overcome these problems bravely and without complaint. The third stanza is all about death and what a trifle it seems towards the speaker. The approaching years must stand and be all set to find anyone not frightened and ready to conquer the issues the future will provide. The speaker cannot stop what is going to affect him. Earlier times has ready the loudspeaker for the future, nothing at all bothers him anymore. Your fourth stanza expresses how a person is in control over his or her life. Whatever your life throws in them they are the " chief of their soul” meaning they can manage their own life. While using authority they may have over all their life, they shall be able to select their own street. Which means these are the master with their fate as well as the captain of the soul. This kind of poem is a very inspirational composition. Even through the trials and tribulations the...

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