The Broadway Café: E-Business Strategy

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Make clear how understanding e-business can help you achieve success in each of these areas.

With the rapid growth of the internet commerce in recent times, established small enterprises have been offered a serious issue. On the one hand, they will stick with the business enterprise model which has worked on their behalf in the past; or perhaps they can make the change to e-business.

What type of elektronische geschaftsabwicklung would you deploy at The Broadway Cafe?

The Broadway Café can benefit from having an established elektronische geschaftsabwicklung that would offer its specific coffees, tea, and some bakery items. I would personally also deploy an online ordering process that may take customers' online purchases, to help eliminate manual paperwork and telephone takeout orders. These strategies will prove to be both a cost effective means of communication, and a great marketing strategy.

How do an e-business strategy help The Broadway Bistro attract consumers and enhance sales?

An E-business technique can help The Broadway Bistro attract clients, and boost sales simply by promoting our products on the web which will let us to accurately concentrate on the customers that are seeking each of our products or services whether or not they are neighborhood, or on the other hand of the country. Subscribing to Yahoo and other search engines like yahoo pay-per-click, might also serve as an excellent benefit once trying to appeal to new customers, which could ultimately aid in increasing sales. The obvious advantage of updating to an e-business is that it provides our business a vital web presence, which can serve as the focus of our marketing and sales communications and online marketing strategy.

What types of metrics would you wish to track with your e-business Web site?

I would favor using a great interactivity metrics to monitor The Broadway Café's web page effectiveness since it would permit me to measure the consumer internet site interaction.

How may you use an elektronische geschaftsabwicklung strategy to acquire...

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