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5 SECTION -- C (2 ×20= 40)

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Answer any TWO questions. Each question carries TWENTY marks. 8. Define customer relationship management. Present various applying customer romance management in service industry. being unfaithful. Explain consumer relationship supervision process and offer an elaborate construction of the same. 15. Keeping in mind the modern day scenario, so what do you think is the future tendencies in buyer relationship administration in the modern aviation sector? 10. Distinguish between CRM and e-CRM. Explain the implementation of e-CRM.


B. W. A. ( Aviation, Travel and leisure and Food Management ) DEGREE EXAMINATION, 2010 ( SECOND 12 MONTHS ) ( PART -- III ) ( CONVENTIONAL PAPER - Versus )

230. CUSTOMER ROMANCE MANAGEMENT ( Including Spectrum of ankle Entry ) December ] [ Time: 3 Hours Maximum: 95 Marks SECTION - A (10 ×2 = 20)

Answer Your concerns. Each problem carries TWO marks. 1 ) (a) Precisely what are the tactics in client relationship administration? Turn Over

a couple of (b) What are the practical areas Buyer Relationship Managing? (c) H o w does buyer of

3 SECTION -- B (4 ×10= 40)


Response any SEVERAL questions. Every question provides TEN signifies. 2 . In brief explain the advantages and disadvantages of the technology of buyer relationship managing. 3. Quickly explain the values of customer romantic relationship management using a suitable example 4. Describe the essentials of customer guide management. Illustrate your answer with illustrations. 5. Select a company of your choice and in short , explain the key benefits of customer marriage management. 6. Select a company of your choice and write short notes upon customer romance management simply by Indian Firms. 7. Narrate the importance of relationship values in controlling customer romance. Turn Over

managing benefit a business? (d) Precisely what is meant simply by active consumer relationship administration? (e) Publish short note upon analytical buyer realtionship management. (f) Buyer...

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