Classifications of Types of Friendships Essay

Dardenella Braxton

Trainer Mike Catello

ENG 1010 P04

August 22, 2012

Classification of types of Friendships


Best Friends

Everyday Relationships



Fair Weather Good friends

Internet Friends

Open Human relationships

Pen Pals

Soul Mates

The term friend has become used being a verb in the English vocabulary since the early 15th Hundred years. The term comes from German source and provides existed because the founding of Old The english language. The word camaraderie is the derivatives' that is used to indicate encouraging and co-operative behavior between two or more folks. The term indicates to folks in a marriage that involves mutual knowledge, confidence, affection, and respect. Together with a degree of rendering services to friends in times of need or perhaps crisis, it includes many categories that change from person to person, and nation to nation (Friend).

Acquaintances are similar to friends, but there is the a shortage of any psychological ties or anything on the personal notice. Someone who is usually enjoyable to get around, although not someone a person wants for psychological support. An individual people discover as a everyday friend that has no romantic connection (Acquaintance).

Best friends, or perhaps close friends can be described as classification accustomed to identify people who share really strong sociable ties and have a in long run association with one another. They like to do everything jointly and share secrets between themselves. Someone who shows a supportive nature supplying encouragement and inspiration when it is necessary. Braxton Page 2

Casual relationships or perhaps " Good friends with rewards, " discuss the provides commonly connected with best friends, although there are no requirements on the individuals to make a formal commitment to each other, having a connect that is simply of a lovemaking nature.

A colleague is actually a term linked to friendship; nonetheless it is most often used when explaining an associate in a profession or office establishing. Someone who one has jewelry to on the professional level....

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