SHOOTING AN ELEPHANT, George Orwell: Comments Essay


Political, social & honest issues increased in Orwell's essay " Shooting a great Elephant" produce a controversial story in which the incidents metaphorically represent the colonial imperialism of the time. Set in Burma, 1936, the context is located around the anti-European attitudes existent post the Anglo-Burmese Wars.

Orwell's positions, as officer for the despotic English governments, essential him to support authority in the Burmese, consequently attracting hate for his role. He expresses merged emotions over his location and the contumelious attitudes described towards him from the people around. " All That i knew was that I had been stuck among my hatred of the empire I offered and my rage resistant to the evil-spirited tiny beast who also tried to produce my job impossible. "

Racial issues are also tackled, with evident distinctions manufactured between the Indians/Burmese (" Coolies" " yellowish faces" ) & the Europeans (" white males. " ) Orwell then simply presents a horrific explanation of the Of india corpses, slain by a great elephant on the rampage throughout the village, of which the main situations are centralized. His interpretation of the corpse is extremely chill, detailing its physical situation & a facial phrase, which reveals the " unendurable agony" it had suffered just moments ago.

This kind of occurrence models the legal pre-text to get Orwell to kill the offending elephant; however this did not include his first intention, despite his immediate request of the elephant rifle. A crowd of Burmans come out and rapidly increase in amount following a gossip that Orwell was getting ready to shoot the elephant. This kind of news excited the previously impassive audience, creating immense pressure on Orwell, in whose decision would determine the fate with the elephant. This individual describes the sense of self-worth he felt having the rifle " … with the magical rifle… I was momentarily well worth watching. "

His thoughts of a foolish appearance mitigated upon these kinds of reflections, causing him to re-consider...

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