Art Analysis Essay

Meghan Leon

Professor El-Attiq Ali



Art Research

Christina's Community is a portrait set in 1948 by American painter Toby Wyeth, and one of the best well-known paintings in the late 20th century. This illustrates a lady lying on the ground in a treeless, mostly orangey field, searching for at a gray property on the horizon with barns and small sheds across in the house. The young woman in the portrait is Ould - Christina Olson. It is said your woman suffered from polio (a physical deterioration) that paralyzed her from the waist down. Wyeth had a summer time home near Christina's and was encouraged to attract the art work after this individual saw her crawling through the field of her house. The painting's wasted limbs and green dress belong to Christina Olson. The vibrant head and torso are part of Betsy Wyeth (Andrew Wyeth's wife) who had been then in her mid-20s. Although Olson was the inspiration and subject of the painting, she has not been the primary ideal.

When a sickly kid himself, Toby related to Christina on several hidden level. He developed whooping coughing at a young age which usually left him with bronchial problems that manufactured him susceptible to colds in the long run. His father and mother took him out of faculty because of his health conditions and he later indicated that because of his homeschooling and illnesses, having been left only a lot. Likewise, Andrew's father, N. C Wyeth, had been killed by a railway crossing simply three years prior to the painting was made. Andrew's work underwent a significant change after the loss. His pallet became muted, his landscapes useless and his characters seemed mournful. Christina's community embodies these types of traits, and conveys the impression it is an facing outward expression of Wyeth's interior grief by his lifestyle and situations.

What strikes myself first mainly because it's most off is definitely the vastness on this field and why in the world this female, sitting in the barren field, is there. The seemingly prone position in this woman, only, and not being aware of what she's doing there or if right now there...

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