Approved EPR Bullets Composition


-- Deply'd because Unit Intel Liaison to Eskan Small town, Saudi Arabia; performed AT/FP f/$1B in AF assets--zero reduction - Prep'd/conducted 20 jt Intel briefs w/OSI; 174 SF mbrs current about threat--1. 2K mbrs/three orders secured - Provided background checks f/50+ personnel/125 hrs/coord'd w/OSI--alleviated screening method deficiency - Sustainment shooting program supervisor; personally trn'd/cert'd 50 SF Amn--maintained crucial weapon certs - Deply'd to Thumrait AB, Oman; shield'd proper multi-modal ops/austere AO--enabled 1 ) 1K OEF log msns - Provided a/c sec f/400 armored vehicle trans msns; installment payments on your 4K MATV's delivered--cut shipping fee, saved $290M - Flawlessly performed 1 . 7K vehicle & 3. 9K prsnl inspections--mitigated asymmetric risk to 700 405 AEG ppl - Manned DUI checkpoint; vol'd three hours... asst'd w/FSTs/forms/apprehended mbr f/DUI--kept EAFB streets safe -- Deployed/direct support of OEF; rigorously securities and exchange commission's $3. 2B in cmbt resources/36K ISAF per--ensured Afghan sec -- Assistant NCOIC armory; validated arming lists/accounted 500+ weapons/equip--operational readiness secured - Sent to 110 TASS alert; swept/secured region within 90 second response time--zero perimeter breaches - C2 f/ground emer/fuel container spill; removed air and ground crew--joint endeavor w/fire dept; safeguarded 24 lives - Deployed/Joint Base Balad (JBB); ECP ops assisting OIF--secured $20B warfighting assets/28K personnel - Executed 40 Close-in Secureness Patrols; deterred counter surveillance/probing attempts--seized adversary initiative -- First in scene to suicide attempt; quickly assessed individual/prevented additional harm--vital AF life kept - Z-Backscatter Van agent; conducted 1K+ vehicle/personel screenings--mitigated contraband/VBIED risk - Deply'd to Thumrait AB, Oman; shield'd tactical jt transportation ops f/OEF campaign--enabled 1K OEF journal msns - Provided airconditioning security for 500 armored car transport msns; 2 . 4K delivered--cut shipping and delivery fee/saved $290M - Briefed ACC/A7S & A7SFM; presented new access point/search place ops--gave elderly leaders valuable insight -- Flt volume coordinator; orgs all events/disseminates opportunities--bolsters community involvement intended for flight mbrs - Hand-selected as ORI fire tm ldr; led SF response vs multiple attacks--first B-1 wg to ORI first try in 4 yrs - Produced SOPs/SSIs pertaining to ORI; fixed 10 shortfalls/new SSIs for two posts--zero differences ID'd simply by IG -- Military Customs Inspector; short-notice/local airport--rapid response expedited 25 pax/ANG from Germany -- Selected Airline flight Trainer; qualified Controller/ensured complete spectrum qualifications--trainee/96% Stan-Eval score - Org'd jnt trng w/local authorities; 6 SF/30 deputies/demonstrator extrication cert--set to stifle unstable civil unrest - Joined Electronic Sec System admin course; eighty hrs of instruction--force multiplier FP/360° scan of base sec - Assisted ops w/re-write/20 BDOC checklists; collaborated ideas/expedited assessment by 80%--S3 ops increased - Advanced Marksmanship (ADM) cert'd; led three Amn/completed 100+ hours periods austere trng--cmbt cap to +1K ms - Led a three man team/JET application; secured $140 in PRT projects--ensured stability of Bedcover populace -- Led 10+ cmbt msns/CC's Personnel Secureness Detail; sec'd 70+ personnel/$2M equipment--assured CC msn purpose - Mentored 63 ANP Instructors/2000+ buttons; taught simple police/weapons trng--strengthening countries security - Sergeant of the Safeguard for FOB, supervised 18 Afghan Guards/30 US Mil/15 OP/LP's--defense fight ready -- Deply'd Technical Security Component (TSE) flames team ldr; escorted OSI outside-the-wire (OTW)--zero lives lost - Protected 19 Taliban HVTs/250 hours periods; escorted almost eight EPWs to Bagram--protected 26K per by certain foe attack -- Won hearts/minds; delivered 26K lbs meals & school supplies to 13 villages--gathered HUMINT intended for AFCENT -- Maintained $13M COMM inventory; SME f/C2 equip/secured $500K purchase--100% COMTAC f/OTW bing - very first on scene to home-based altercation; qualified skills calmed scene,...

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