Antimicrobial Activity of the Phytochemical Constituents of Chrysophyllum Albidum G. Don Holl. African Star Apple Plant Article


The antimicrobial process of alkaloids, tannins, saponins, bio-flavonoids, phenol and cardic glycoside present in the many parts of Chrysophyllum albidium plant were investigated. These phytochemical were determined quantitatively and tested against staphylococcus aureus, B. subtilis, pseudomonas aeruginosa, E. coli, C. tetani, and the infection; candida albicans. Most the plant parts were located to consist of alkaloids, tannins, phenols and flavonoids aside from the a shortage of cardic glycosides in the basic, tannins in leaves, and phenol in seed. The importance of the grow parts in traditional remedies and the significance of the syndication of these phytochemicals were reviewed with respect to the part of these herb parts in ethno-medicine in Nigeria.

Keywords: Medicinal vegetation, ethno-medicine, photochemical constituents.


The Chrysophyllum albidium G. Don_Holl. ( Sapotaceae) tree frequently occurs throughout the tropical Central, East and Western world Africa locations for its fairly sweet edible fruits and several ethno-medical uses (Dalziel, 1937, Amusa ainsi que al., 2003). Chrysophyllum albidum fruits(known since African legend apple) will be widely eaten in southern Nigeria. It is in season (December-March), once ripe, ovoid to sub-globose, pointed with the apex, or more to 6 centimeter long and 5 centimeter in size. The skin or peel, is orange to golden yellow-colored when ready and the pulp within the peel may be orange, pinkish, or light yellow, within the pulp are 3 to 5 seeds that are not generally eaten. The seed-coats are hard, bony, shiny, and dark brown, and when broken uncover white-coloured cotyledons. The fruit provides immense financial potential, especially following the report that jams that could compete with raspberry jellies and jellies could be produced from it (Okafor, 1975). The fleshy fresh fruit pulp fits jams and it is eaten specifically as snack by equally young and old (Okafor, 1975, Amusa et. approach., 2003). It has been discovered to have the maximum content of ascorbic acid solution per 100g of ready-to-eat fruit or perhaps about 95 times regarding oranges and 10 times of the of grape or cashew (Pearson, 1976) It is reported as an excellent source of vitamins, golf irons, flavours to diets (Nwadinigwe, 1982; Adisa, 2000). In addition , its seed products are a source of olive oil, which is used for diverse functions. The fruits also consist of 90% anacadic acid, that is used industrially in protecting real wood and as supply of resin, whilst several other pieces of the tree including the beginnings and leaves are used for medicinal purposes (Adewusi, 1997). The Bark is utilized as a fix for yellow fever and malaria, while the leaves are used while emollients and then for the treatment of epidermis eruptions, diarrhea and stomach-ache, which are resulting from infections and inflammatory reactions (Adewusi, 1997).

It can be rich sources of natural antioxidants have been set up to promote overall health by acting against oxidative stress related disease such attacks as; diabetes patients, cancer and coronary heart diseases (Burits & Bucar, 2002). Studies demonstrate a reduced risk of long-term diseases in populations eating diets loaded with fruits and vegetables and it has been recommended that anti-oxidants found in large quantities in fruits and vegetables may be accountable for this defensive effect (Halliwell, 1994). Generally, food anti-oxidants act as lowering agents, treating oxidation by simply donating electrons and hydrogen ions. Much attention have been focused on all-natural antioxidants plus some antioxidants isolated from natural sources with high activity have been through Parasakthy ainsi que al. (1996).

Materials and methods

Collection and identity of plants

The healthier plant regions of Chrysophyllum albidum were collected from uncultivated and cultivated farmlands, respectively located at Western parts of Nigeria. Both the plant samples were recognized and verified by comparison with corresponding herbarium specimens. The rose parts were thoroughly rinsed with normal water and dried by air at room...

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